All Saints Day

We went. We laughed. We ate.


It’s the 1st of November and, I am not ashamed to admit that, the Rend Collective Christmas album has been blasting. Some may say that it is too early to get into the festive spirit. To these nay-sayers I have no apology. Christmas is the anticipation of Someone’s birth and as I spent a good month thinking about my birthday, I feel that to give two months is a small build-up for this birthday.

This wasn’t a solitary waltz down the chestnuts-on-an-open-fire walkway.

Oh no.

AEB is up, so we spent the day reliving some #galvallygals banter. Today we went for breakfast and a small walk, which I thought to share with y’all.

They’re here as a sort of diary entry, as I do look back and read some of the older posts; which is fab for the old romantic I am. A few of my go-to faves are The Green Sofa of Dreams, Bookish: North and South, or Shaken Not Stirred (just because Mr Hiddleston is in that last one, if I’m honest).

So, I hope you enjoy this.

We certainly did.


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See you all soon,




**images shot with;

Canon EOS 1200D


Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 III

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II

Any editing done with Mac iPhoto editing**

The Speech for the Defence

Hello world,

The last time I wrote to you, it was December 2016. Me, myself and I think that this is not good enough.

I promised blogs on books I wanted to read… that didn’t happen. My laptop broke down and a few things shifted in life, upsetting the previous rhythm, making a new symphony. I promised recipes, appaling spelling (see what I did there) and other things to cuddle down into with a cup of tea. This is embarrassing, the amount of things promised, but not delivered.

This month of September sees life kicking into a new gear. That gear being ‘Final Year’. There is even a hashtag floating around instagram in honour of this stressful occasion; #puttingtheENGintothird. I know it’s bad.

But away from all the negativity, I will claim this blog back as my own. I will try harder to write greater amounts of content, after all, writing is a form of therapy. It also really helps to develop your style and language. Perfect for those who happen to have the prospect of writing for a living to look forward to, as I am.

This is a ramble, and the grammar isn’t perfect. But this is what it’s all about. Try and fail, try again and succeed a bit before you fail. Getting back on the horse is all about putting yourself out there.

So go forth and get back on. After all, what’s the worse that could happen?






I failed at taking this picture for instance.

2 [ d e c e m b e r ] 2 0 1 6


Hello world!

It is the 2nd of December and our Galvally Gals first vlogmas up on YouTube (huzzah!!!)

It may seem a little frivolous to make a video about heading down to see some fairy lights in Ballymena, and even worse to have it put together by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, but hey, we deserved a flat road trip. Running away from essays and deadlines and exam prep is something we all can relate to at some point in all our lives.

I want to leave you, before the video goes up for 24 hours only, with a little thought.

Christmas is about Christ coming to earth and the celebration around this joyous occurrence. In today’s culture we all hurry around, telling each other that Christmas is a time for joy, love, the coming together of family and giving each other presents.

In other words, fellowship.

So, no matter what background you come from, or how you see Christmas, I hope that you see that it was not born out of a materialist culture, nor did it come from a sudden need for human company in the middle of winter. Christmas is a celebration and whether you like it or not, the reason for celebrating is God’s answered promise throughout the Old Testament.

Hope you all enjoy the bants from the vlog and we will see you tomorrow!


The Galvally Gals