Lest Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

Hello friends,

This is pretty self explanatory really. I am setting up a new section to this already eccletric little corner of the internet, just because I can. And because I love talking about books. And reading them. And writing about them…

Basically I love books.

So, over the next while, as uni kicks off and life changes into a faster gear again, I have decided to help myself by doing a weekly post about books.

If you like these posts, I’ll contain my blog to book reviews and all things bookish, sallying away from the random and the politics.

See you soon then,


Nesta xx


Author: nestagriffiths

Hello there! Thank you for popping along to have a browse. I hope you like the place. There are everyday articles and pieces to read on the loo, recipes for baking during lazy days off work, getting dinner together after a hectic day or even just a few things to browse over with a cup of tea. So why don't you go and stick on the kettle, snuggle up in the comfiest spot you can find and relax for a few minutes with a good old tea and just enjoy yourself xx

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