Ok peace and harmony are back.

Did anyone else breathe a sigh of relief when the slide changed from satisfying 2015 to comfortable 2016? Did they get that lovely little feeling that this is going to be a good year?

Yes indeed, you may think I am slightly mad for projecting my thoughts on these years in this way but seriously, I ask you, to just look at the date. 2016 is a beautiful number, and this is due purely to the fact that it is an even number. Call me crazy but I think that even numbered annum are works of art in themselves.

In honour of this lovely year, my resolutions are going to look a little different, compared with the rest of the world. Bear with, hopefully you’ll see where I am coming from;

2 – This could be dodgy territory I am tiptoeing into, as hurting my family and friends is the last thing I want to start 2016 with, but my top two priorities this year will be:

1) My relationship with my saviour, Father, friend and helper, Jesus. From the outset I’m ‘nailing my colours to the post’ as my mother would put it. I am a Christian and by that I don’t mean a hypocrite who does one thing and says another. This relationship is the most important one I have as it is an eternal one. The Bible says that youth, beauty, health and even family are fleeting and we will have to spend eternity in either heaven or hell. Francis Chan has described this so well so here’s a link to describe briefly why this relationship is my #1 priority. https://youtu.be/jF_x8dsvb_4

(I’ll do a post soon about why I believe what I believe.)

2) My totally amazing and wonderful best friend who also happens to be my boyfriend, Joshua. I will talk about him quite a bit but NOT in a soppy way. This year I pray and hope that we will build out relationship together, in God for His glory. Because if God is love then what do we know about it apart from what he tells us?


0 – This year will see zero negativity, God willing, from me. Like all of the  female population in the 21st century this is a huge taboo on out society. How we appear to be in what we do, act, say and think becomes more important than actually doing, acting, saying or thinking. These verbs have become static in our heads with being ‘the best version of ourselves’ and ‘pushing the limits’.

We are all ‘beautifully and wonderfully made’ so does that mean that I should hate myself for a certain feature, or think that I am great because I am proud of the work I have done to make ‘me’ look better? So I am not going to beat myself up for not keeping up with trend-diets, exercises or whatever comes next.

Instead I am going to get healthier.

Counter message? Let me explain.

Health is about not just your physical needs, requirements and diet, but is also about your mental wellbeing. Now, if anyone, like me, stresses over little things they have no need to be stressing over, then we have to question whether we have healthy diets, regular exercise and, personally,  firm foundation in God as my rock and protector. Put these three things together and you have one massive health kick, which will help those good endorphins flow through the system, karate-chopping all the stressy, anxious feelings, thoughts and negativity away.

1 – I am not going to be number one.

Human beings are selfish by nature, but with a capacity for love (full description see Genesis chapters 1-3 and 1John).

Therefore if I am not number one, God takes that spot, followed by Josh, my family, friends, colleagues, people at uni, everybody I meet, etc. The list for others before myself is endless and I am aware of how goodie-two-shoes this sounds but isn’t that always what we want in modern society? To be loved and appreciated with no strings attached?

I can only do any of this because of He who strengthens me but think about it secularly — take a moment to think about how you would like others to treat you and what would happen if you served others through little actions daily.

It doesn’t make you a better person, but it certainly makes you a nicer one.

6 – And finally, here is the totally cliché list of 2016 New Years Resolutions (that are not in any order whatsoever):

  1. Keep my room and work organised – for years I try and try and still both of these things end up like my earphones when I leave them in a pocket… completely messed up with little hope of elegantly fixing them quickly.
  2. Walk more. I love it. Don’t ask me why I love walking but I am also a bit lazy and would rather watch Netflix than go for a lovely exhilarating walk. PLUS, it’s a help mentally, physically and environmentally #savethepolarbears.
  3. Practise my instruments a bit more than I currently do – which is little and not often if truth be known. I play both cello and piano, and in the immortal words of Elizabeth Bennett, ‘a little and very ill indeed’. God has given me these gifts and I am jolly well going to use them.
  4. Try my best in uni work, not leaving it to the last minute. Oh and budget my student loan way better than previously.
  5. Try to read more books that are not to do with any of my courses, i.e. finish Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, War and Peace (Tolstoy) and start Lady Susan (Austen), all of the Anne books by L.M. Montgomery, the whole series on the Arthurian Legend by Lawhead, Little Dorrit (Dickens). I’d also love to read more poetry, especially by Patrick Kavanagh. I studied him for A-Level and he has a beautiful way of writing – dare I say that I prefer him to either W.B. Yeates or Seamus Heaney? There also may be cause to re-read some of the old favourites to write about them for you but we will see. We shall see.
  6. Love a bit more.


So there you have it. My alternative structure for New Years Resolutions  2016! I hope you have enjoyed this. Let me know in the comments if you’d like certain topics, books, themes, discussions, music, culture articles for the future.

With all my love darlings,



Author: Nesta Griffiths

Well hello there! My name is Nesta and this is my corner of the internet. 'I'm very normal, neat-freak, healthy, non-smoker, single...' and will not complete the rest of that sentence incase you all think I have an obsession for The Holiday. You'd not be wrong, but this is neither the time or place for it. It is however, a sort-of diary for myself. Years from now, when I have grown up into a proper adult, I will look back and read of times when there was no mortgage to pay, nor bosses to impress. Enjoy all of it with a cup of tea in one hand. Then you will, at least, have had a little bit of pleasure from reading about things that bring me little everyday joys.

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